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(folder icon)  Blue Sphere Solutions is pleased to introduce our new web site designed to support our growing client base.

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"Initially, I didn't think that I needed a Chief Technology Officer for my business. I just wanted to utilize Blue Sphere Solutions expertise to get my office systems running smoothly. The CTO concept has appeal to me because having a single vendor to manage my other vendors means one less problem to deal with. I've experienced a number of problems with other vendors failing to deliver on their promises. With Steve as my CTO, he can do the quality control work ahead of time, so when he brings someone to my office, I know the work will get done properly."

     Michael D'Hoostelaere, co-owner, Aldea Montessori

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Innovating Business Through Technology


Blue Sphere Solutions provides outsourced Chief Technology Officer services to professionals and emergent and growth oriented businesses.

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computer image With a foundation in design, experimentation, origination, innovation brings advantage to your business, but it requires a unique blend of vision, creativity and invention to take hold and work. Technology and process integration are more than simply the servicing of information systems, they involve identifying/creating and integrating the tools that will enable you to meet your business and personal goals.

It is your vision, our mutual creativity, and Blue Sphere's technological expertise that merge to enhance and increase your success.


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