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I have known Steve Fullmer as a technology consultant for over 20 years, but what he has recently done as Strategic Consultant for EDUindex is simply incredible.

Steve has a truly unique ability to "get the whole picture" it seems in minutes! Even when, in this case, the technology, statistics, and over-all worldly understanding that had been required is extremely sophisticated. He is truly visionary.

Not only does Steve have the technical and analysis skills, he is also very dedicated to customer service, quick flawless turn around, and quality! Steve is naturally very bright, but this combination combined with his humility, especially compared to his talent, puts him in the less than one percentile group.

Steve can handle what companies usually hire a consultant to do, although to get full benefit from his abilities one that is trying to create something new with multiple pieces is going to really benefit from his involvement.
Not only can Steve lead, but can take a seat on the team as a patient productive member. June 2013

     Gail Gessert, CEO EDUIndex

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Blue Sphere Solutions provides outsourced Chief Technology Officer services to professionals and emergent and growth oriented businesses.

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computer image With a foundation in design, experimentation, origination, innovation brings advantage to your business, but it requires a unique blend of vision, creativity and invention to take hold and work. Technology and process integration are more than simply the servicing of information systems, they involve identifying/creating and integrating the tools that will enable you to meet your business and personal goals.

It is your vision, our mutual creativity, and Blue Sphere's technological expertise that merge to enhance and increase your success.


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