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Recognizing that technology is a powerful extension of the business process, rather than merely an infrastructure element, Blue Sphere Solutions was formed in 2006.

Large research & development budgets are responsible for invention. Business advance, however, is the result of innovation -- a successful combination of vision, creativity and invention. Applying process and technology to forward-looking goals results in accelerated change and ultimately, advantage for your business. Innovation is most often used to significant effect by entrepreneurs and small, flexible organizations that embrace an adaptive culture.

Drawn to the dynamic nature of emergent and growth oriented business, Blue Sphere Solutions provides outsourced Chief Technology Officer services to independent professionals and businesses entering growth transitions. Offering more than information technology services, we provide the experience and creativity to develop and implement projects and processes so that you can enhance and expand business opportunity through innovation.

Photo of Steven M FullmerInnovating Business Through Technology is our focus -- and your advantage.

Founder, Steven M. Fullmer, has served as a principal architect, project manager, subject matter expert and lead technologist for a broad range of innovative business solutions. His contributions have aided business expansion within the engineering, financial, telecommunications and computer industries.


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Technology Solutions for a living planet.

Life is change.

Life is growth.

It is multi-dimensional, fluid, evolving.

The white knight has long been recognized as a symbol of service. Considerably more than simply a problem solver, the knight is a daily example of excellence in service and a quest for constant improvement that places the well-being of others before self.

In chess, the knight leaps over barriers, forward and laterally in a single move. The knight is often one of the first pieces put into play for a creative offense and a strong defense. Its movement is creative, flexible, and advanced.


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