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"Steve helps us with all of our technology -- our computer hardware and software, our telephone systems, our wireless setup. There are probably a dozen system problems he's solved. Now everything talks to everything else and all the data is synchronized. We love that!" 2009

"Steve is essentially the outside CTO for our law firm. He's our problem solver for anything technical. Our lives are much simpler now. " 2010

     Ernest Calderón, Principle Attorney, Calderón Law Offices

"At Evans Data Corporation, we supply market research on technology trends. Our work helps clients make successful product and IT management decisions. As CEO, I place a premium on analysts who can deliver a fast, accurate summary of a large amount of data. I trusted Steve to deliver an excellent product, but he exceeded my expectations. On our flagship North American software survey, Steve has set a new standard for quality. In fact, we're now using his work as a model for our other analysts."

"Steve has the rare ability to draw accurate and useful conclusions and highlight broad trends from a huge amount of data that is often confusing and contradictory. His work for Evans Data has raised the bar for future surveys."

     Janel Garvin, CEO, Evans Data Corporation

"Initially, I didn't think that I needed a Chief Technology Officer for my business. I just wanted to utilize Blue Sphere Solutions expertise to get my office systems running smoothly. The CTO concept has appeal to me because having a single vendor to manage my other vendors means one less problem to deal with. I've experienced a number of problems with other vendors failing to deliver on their promises. With Steve as my CTO, he can do the quality control work ahead of time, so when he brings someone to my office, I know the work will get done properly."

     Michael D'Hoostelaere, co-owner, Aldea Montessori

"Steve has the rare ability to take obtuse, highly technical data and summarize it in such a way that it's understandable by anybody, from a client CEO to a layperson who reads one of our press releases. Steve excels at this difficult job. He performs his analysis of the data with a natural intellectual curiosity and a keen eye for newsworthy trends. That proactive approach is a great help to me in generating our press releases."

"Steve has a broad spectrum of technical knowledge. He's very strong in the wireless space and he also has expertise in product development. More than that, he'll take time out to really understand any new technology he comes across in his work. He's always available if I have questions or need advice. I really enjoy working with him."

     Erik Orgell, former director of Public Relations, Evans Data Corporation

"We had looked at other providers and were not satisfied with what they brought to the table. Steve had the personal qualities, character, integrity and technical expertise that we needed."

"Since Steve came on board, we are operating much more efficiently. Our computers in our corporate office are communcating properly with each other and with our satellite offices, and all the bugs have been removed."

"We had been having some issues with a particular piece of specialized geotechnical software that we had been unable to resolve. Steve was able to come in and be the liaison between our company and the vendor. Steve even helped the software designer identify and fix some bugs in his own design that he was not aware of."

"Although we didn't call it that, we had been thinking that we needed an in-house CTO, but we are not quite to the point that we need a full-time person. Instead we are using Steve as our out-sourced CTO."

      Frank Rivera, President and CEO, ATL, Inc

"I have a CPA firm. We have a networked server with about ten computers. We need the expertise of an IT professional who can take care of our server and my practice so that we can continue to serve clients. Technical expertise and responsiveness are key. Steve was recommended by one of my clients, so after a couple of interviews, I decided to try him out. Our experience has been excellent."

"Steve is highly responsive to our needs. He's very customer-service oriented. If he isn't able to solve the problem immediately, he keeps me informed on his progress towards the solution in a timely manner."

"From the beginning, it was apparent that Steve cared about providing exactly the right solution for my company. He gives me alternate choices and helps educate me on the pros and cons of each one. We've had a better outcome based on those dialogs. That broader perspective is a valuable part of his outsourced CTO service."

"Prior to my involvement with Steve, I had another company who did an excellent job setting up my system. Had they subsequently beem more responsive to my needs, I would still be using them. Steve is very responsive and continues to show me that he wants to help us succeed."

"Steve thinks about my needs without me having to call. He is proactive in his approach, rather than reactive. He has always tried to resolve issues and get things done for us, even when they were outside his control. That's great."

"Steve understands that I have limited people and limited time. He's very willing to look into other software packages and help us with those, even though they might be outside his realm. That capability is a big benefit to us, and makes Steve stand out from his competitors. I have recommended Steve to many clients and will continue to do so."

     Armando Roman, Founder, Roman & Company, CPA

"I first met Steve through AZ Entrepreneurs, working with him on the steering committee. That's where I first heard of his 'Chief Technology Offer' concept. In my corporate career I've had CTOs reporting to me, so I'm very familiar with their role in an organization. A CTO is one of the biggest needs I see with my small business clients - they can't afford a full-time executive, but they truly need the expertise that such a person brings to their operation, to help them understand their technology options."

"Steve came into a company where I'm acting as the interim COO, quickly grasped the business and the vision of the CEO, put his arms around the technological needs of the company, and put together a three-page document that clearly articulated the automation plans of the firm. That was totally absent prior to Steve's arrival."

     Catherine Marsh, COO for Auction

"Steve has a rare blend of senior-level technical expertise and "entrepreneurial compatibility" - the ability to come in and be a team member in an entrepreneurial culture and relate to entrepreneurs in their own language, which may be very different from that of a standard corporate environment."

"Steve knows how to listen well. He really hits the ground running and zeroes in on the key issues and priorities of an organization very quickly. He relates to the business concerns very well, yet he can go out and look at a range of technology solutions from the simplest to the most sophisticated and determine the best fit for the firm."

     Catherine Marsh, COO for Auction

"Steve's project management skills are stellar. He faced a huge challenge at my client, where they were bogged down in a large-scale database system replacement project that was over budget and behind schedule. I reached out to Steve because I needed a senior-level person who could compensate for the shortcomings of the vendor."

"Steve will do whatever it takes to contribute to the success of the client, from project management to highly technical functions."

     Catherine Marsh, COO for Auction

"Steve comes up with so many innovative ideas that it's almost too much - more ideas than we could ever act on. He's a tremendous idea generator. Not only that, he's very sensitive to the ROI implications of the solutions he proposes, something I particularly appreciate. I have a conservative approach to technology adoption - I don't believe in being on the leading edge, or even a fast follower. Steve is excellent at developing solutions that support my philosophy."

     Catherine Marsh, COO for Auction

"Steve is very responsive and flexible. I don't think that an hour goes by that he doesn't return a call. He's very relationship-focused.
I wouldn't hesitate bringing him into any client. In fact, I've already recommended him to three other firms."

"He relates well to everyone, from hourly employees to the top executives. In his latest project, the truck drivers were upset at the
clarity of the data-entry system and the forms, so instead of going through the chain of command, Steve just sat down with them, took in a bunch of examples and let them critique them while he took notes. Then he precisely defined the problem and the solution in language that the programmers could really understand. That flexibility is very valuable."

     Catherine Marsh, COO for Auction

"Steve is a technology strategist of the first magnitude. He seeks to establish relationships with his clients that allow him to deliver maximum value via proactive, far-reaching thinking. His clients get a true partner out of the deal, someone who helps them build their business for the future. Steve is also a person of the highest integrity. He always meets or exceeds his commitments. I take great delight in recommending Steve." June 10, 2007

     George Fleming, Principal, Momentum Coaching Resources

"Steve is a brilliantly smart technologist who has a driving passion to 'get it right' for his customers. One story about Steve that I'll never forget was a time he solved a very complex customer problem involving our software. He not only solved the customer problem but he provided incredibly useful information for us that helped many others. When all was said and done he put in over 20 hours of non-billable time to get it right. That's Steve - he does whatever it takes and watches out for his customers. A customer or partner considering working with Steve can count on him for technical knowledge, perserverant problem solving and the highest level of integrity." June 30, 2007

     Doug Bruhnke, CEO, Growth Nation

"Steve takes the time to understand what is needed and his knowledge of all aspects of IT lets him find and implement the perfect solution. He asks the right questions to make sure that you are thinking "long-term" and not just putting out a fire. I highly recommend Steve to be your outsourced CTO." July 3, 2007

     Jim Gordon, President, North Star Identity

"My association with Steve began several years ago when he was student in my project management class. When I needed another instructor for my class, I immediately thought of Steve as one who is competent, enthusiastic and passionate about project management as a discipline and one who had great potential as an instructor and contributing to course upgrades.

All of that has come to fruition with Steve getting excellent ratings from his students over the past year. Recently he co-authored a risk management course with me - provided innovative and valuable contributions." April 2009

     Ed O'Connor, PMP President, Sun Valley Consultants, LLC

"Steve can be counted on to contribute his very best to any task. He has demonstrated to me and others that he is able to apply his vast knowledge of business practices and project management to help firms solve problems." April 2009

     Ed O'Connor, PMP President, Sun Valley Consultants, LLC

I have known Steve Fullmer as a technology consultant for over 20 years, but what he has recently done as Strategic Consultant for EDUindex is simply incredible.

Steve has a truly unique ability to "get the whole picture" it seems in minutes! Even when, in this case, the technology, statistics, and over-all worldly understanding that had been required is extremely sophisticated. He is truly visionary.

Not only does Steve have the technical and analysis skills, he is also very dedicated to customer service, quick flawless turn around, and quality! Steve is naturally very bright, but this combination combined with his humility, especially compared to his talent, puts him in the less than one percentile group.

Steve can handle what companies usually hire a consultant to do, although to get full benefit from his abilities one that is trying to create something new with multiple pieces is going to really benefit from his involvement.
Not only can Steve lead, but can take a seat on the team as a patient productive member. June 2013

     Gail Gessert, CEO EDUIndex


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