Organizing the chaos of change!

Let’s face it: if your task was to simply manage a project, you wouldn’t need assistance. You already have the talent. But it’s really about managing people through the process of change, and we humans are wired to oppose change. So, the challenge is to enact change while minimizing the perceived chaos that precedes and follows.

Blue Sphere Solutions offers guidance for a rapidly changing world. We do so through

  • Mentoring
  • Project and program development
  • Leadership consulting
  • Keynote presentations
  • Technology evaluation

…All based on unique insights developed through successful technology innovation, neurosociology research, and project/program course creation and enhancement.

We know that the pace of change is rapidly expanding, and we want your business to creatively and proactively employ change to THRIVE, not just react and survive.

Why the knight?

The knight has long been the symbol of excellence in strength and service. The quest to continuously improve while placing the needs of others before self is his hallmark.

In chess, the knight is the most versatile player on the board, leaping over barriers and possessing the ability to move in multiple directions. It’s usually the first piece in play to lay out a creative offense and strong defense.

Blue Sphere Solutions aspires to be such a creative team member for the companies it serves. Beyond strategic and tactical, technology based services, our role is to guide your processes, projects, and people toward innovative tools and solutions that help them all to work together, seamlessly.

Our experience and creativity in solving problems coupled with your business’ talent and vision for success creates a winning team amidst the chaos of change.

Learn more about what we do and how a partnership with Blue Sphere can change your game.

Learn more about Blue Sphere Solutions’ founder, Steven Fullmer.