Truly, it’s how you play the game. While Blue Sphere Solutions’ innovators and strategic partners provide a variety of skills and services, to realize creative solutions for our clients, make no mistake: Our primary tool is the customer relationship.  Here are a few examples of how nurturing a thorough understanding of the unique, primary business vision, goals, objectives, and tactics of our clients has changed their game. 

Case Study One: Transforming A Financial Office to Medical Facility

A client with financial investment experience elected to enter the real estate development arena. The vision was development of commercial space capable of supporting a variety of professional industries without the high cost of building reconfiguration. A new construction plan called for high ceilings and exterior windows that prohibit traditional wire delivery alternatives. 

Blue Sphere Solutions worked with the architect, contractor, and electrical subcontractors to incorporate advanced technology into the design. Solution elements included 

  • Two inch diameter subfloor conduits with the curvature and capacity to carry a variety of media from copper to fiber optics,
  • Hidden cable runs incorporated into the architectural design. 
  • A single room designed as a hub to accommodate building electrical, telecommunications, Internet, WAN/LAN, security and fire systems panels and controls with room for expansion 
  • Implementations designed and monitored to the highest standards so that fiber optic cable can be run through the conduit without encountering surfaces or debris that might damage the fiber materials. 

The Result

  • The building was converted from a large, financial trading floor supporting multiple monitors, televisions, and computer systems per analyst to a medical office with integrated intercom, air, and medical systems without significant structural changes.
  • Recommendations resulted in a significant cost savings over more traditional solutions to achieve the same result.

Case Study Two: Engineering Integration

An engineering firm with revenues exceeding $50 million chose to expand their business, yet the current infrastructure would not easily support expansion. They had wisely invested in systems that enhance their engineering specialities and an advanced construction accounting system. Each computer workstation was acquired and implemented for a specific purpose. There was a common data server, yet no integration of systems, software or processes. 

Blue Sphere Solutions served as an outsourced Chief Technology Officer, participating in the development of a strategic agenda and tactical prioritization to effect efficient change. This included

  • A complete system audit and requirements map
  • A computer network domain and a state-of-the-art disaster recovery solution
  • Expanded communication technologies including email and website 
  • Upgraded security systems
  • Establishing and implementing system standards
  • Documentation and distribution of procedures instrumental to future growth. 

The Result

  • A successful launch of three satellite offices strategically located across the state
  • Frequent office placement on major construction sites. 
  • Growth continues to outpace technology. The challenge remains to not only catch up but get ahead of the game, while prioritizing goals and effectively applying resources. 
  • Total cost of the outsourced solution: less than half the cost of a single full time employee over an equivalent time period.

Case Study Three: Accountability to Clients 

A professional accountancy firm maintains a unique vision for customer service that maximizes their clients’ resources. The business model is about relationships that help the client optimize business opportunities while minimizing operational and financial service expense. 

Blue Sphere Solutions partnered with the firm to help them set the example through internal systems and processes, and to address the unique needs of selected customers. 

  • Beyond system administration, Blue Sphere Solutions recommends and provides technologies and processes that enhance operational efficiency. 
  • We also worked with the agency to affect and support secured integration with their clients’ systems and to perform technology audits.