A funny thing happened on the way to med school… 

I changed. While I loved medicine, technology and future innovation drew me into new and exciting opportunities. My experiences lead me to love service-oriented leadership, unpacking human behavior, the challenges of both super computer I/O design and PC networking, services marketing, engineering, managing internal encryption systems, professional project management, and teaching. The one element they share – constant growth through change.

Along the way, I’ve earned Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry (Biochemistry) and Biology (Zoology) with minors in English and Psychology; an MBA in Services Marketing and Management, and research experience that laid the foundation for my understanding of neuropsychology and sociology. I also have earned certifications in each field of expertise (too many to list, but they guided our process).  

It’s an eclectic mix, but it’s exactly what companies must understand when technology demands constant and rapidly-expanding change from their complex human capital.

Like the clients I counsel, I’m always focused on how the future may impact what I understand today. More importantly, I understand how change is perceived by people — the people you lead — and that helps me serve you most effectively in bringing your company forward into the future to manage the perceived chaos of change.

Let’s make your next move a winning one.